LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)

LDN reduces pain and helps to fight inflammation. It is used to treat cancers, and autoimmune diseases such as MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Hailey-Hailey disease and many more.

1 mg (ml) to 5 mg (ml) of LDN is demonstrated to reduce glial inflammatory response by modulating Toll-like receptor 4 signalling and systemically upregulating endogenous opioid signalling by a transient opioid-receptor blockade.

Recipe:  A Safe and Affordable way to make Low Dose Naltrexone

  • Take 1 – 50 mg tab and place in 50 ml of distilled water.
  • Dissolve the tablet and keep the solution in the fridge.
  • Each evening take the dose you require  – from 1 ml to 5 ml.
  • An example is that 4.93 ml (5 ml) is equal to 1 teaspoon.  5.0 ml is equal to 5.0 mg.
  • Put solution back in the fridge for use the next day.

Naltrexone is available in 2 brand names:  Nodict or Naltima.  Both are chemically identical. However, Naltima does have a slight coating on the tablet, whereas nodict does not. Every patient has their personal favorite.

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